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A calendar of events at some of the area's restaurants and clubs:

ASHBURY PUB, 22 E. 100 South: Loose and Jr's. Farm, May 18; J. Nelson Ramsey, May 21; Jabarri Style, May 22.BAR AND GRILL, 60 E. 800 South: Unwound, Blond Redhead, Quazi Moto and Guest, May 18 matinee show.

BOOTLEGGERS, 4800 S. Main St.: Antics, May 18; Lites Out, May 22; Aunt Jessy, Fridays.

CINEMA BAR (at Spanky's), 45 W. Broadway (300 South): Blanche, May 18; SlugFest with the Psyclone Rangers, May 20; Cibo Mato, Babe the Blue Ox and 9 Spine, May 21; Tenderloin, Jesse Dayton and the Bleeding Hearts, May 22.

D.B. COOPERS, 19 E. 200 South: Live jazz, Mondays; Frank Page, Tuesdays; Harry Lee & the Back Alley Blues Band, Thursdays; Rich Wyman, Fridays and Saturdays.

DEAD GOAT SALOON, 165 S. West Temple: Zion Tribe, May 18; Acoustic Goat, May 19; Blue Devils Blues Revue, May 20; the Pinch, May 22; Mudpuddle, May 23.

GREEN PARROT CAFE, 155 W. 200 South: Salsa Brava, May 18.

GREEN STREET, 610 Trolley Square: Aaron Jones, May 19; Kevin & Rex, May 20; G. Brown Quintet, May 21.

HOLY COW, 241 S. 500 East: SoulGlo with Solid Gold, May 18; Phat Tuesday, May 21; Abstrak and So Wut, May 22.

PEPPERMILL, 3400 S. Redwood Road: Bandolero, Fridays and Saturdays.

SAFARI CLUB, 165 S. West Temple: I-Roots, May 18.

SALT CITY CAFE, 307 W. 200 South: Funk Night, May 18; The Feel and Abstrak, May 23; Freaky Friday, May 24.

THE WOODEN DOG, at Trolley Square: PCP Bezerker and Accidental Tribe, May 18; Broadway Faces, May 20.

THE ZEPHYR CLUB, 301 S. West Temple: Disco Drippers, May 18; Cow Jazz, May 19; Isabel Hayes, May 20; Headshake and Shoot the Mime, May 21; God Street Wine, May 23-24.