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Three teenagers said goodbye to their friend who died in a snowmobile accident last winter by finishing his wood shop project at Payson High School.

The project, an oak gun cabinet, will be presented to Ryan Christensen's parents, Brian and Shelley Gasser of Elk Ridge, during a traditional senior assembly on Friday.The cabinet took first place honors earlier this month at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. It was on display Wednesday at a wood shop show held at Payson High School. Christensen' friend, James Nielson, took it to the Cedar City show.

The other two, Terry Williams and Brett Christensen (no relation) also took time from their own projects to complete their friend's cabinet. All were students in Stan Robbins' wood shop class and will graduate this year.

"He was my best friend. I know his parents well and thought they would want it finished," said Williams. The trio took about three weeks to complete it.

Ryan Christensen completed the cabinet's base and had cut out the rest of it before he died March 23 when his snowmobile went down an embankment in Fairview Canyon in whiteout conditions, according to the Sanpete County Sheriff's Office. His friend, Shelley Bird, of Mapleton, was injured.

"I'm glad I had the opportunity to finish his project," said Williams. "I miss him. This is a way to say thanks for being such a good friend."