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As things were planned originally, the new city office building would already be finished by now. But the City Council has decided to slow the process to make sure the structure is done right.

Next year's budget proposal, presented to the City Council last week, includes $60,000 to complete design and engineering for the building but no funds for actual construction."Budget-wise we were geared up for it last year, but now it won't be (built) until at least 13 months (from now)," said city financial services manager Brian Passey.

City staffers have been shoe-horned into the current cramped building at 550 N. 800 West for a long time now, and they're ready to get out of it.

"The sooner the better," Passey said with a laugh.

The new City Hall may be on hold, but next year's budget proposal does include $490,000 for reconstruction of 1100 West from 400 to 1600 North.

The amount would be raised from bonds, which would be paid off through state road grants over the next 10 years.

The proposed width of the reconstructed road has been a lively topic of discussion in City Council meetings, with citizens wanting a narrower road to discourage traffic and city officials wanting a wider road for engineering purposes.

The council voted last week to make the road 40 feet wide instead of the 32 feet originally contemplated. This was met with criticism by adjacent residents who fear the decision is simply a prelude to adding more lanes.

City officials also have been wondering whether to create their own electrical utility and have budgeted $10,000 to study the idea.

The budget proposal includes a $96,000 subsidy to city-owned Lakeside Golf Course, which has been running in the red since the city expanded it to 18 holes in 1993. The city owes a relatively small amount ($775,000) from the original purchase of the course in the late 1980s but $2.9 million from the expansion.

Citizens will see no fee or tax increases.

The public hearing on the budget will probably be held June 4 or 5, though the City Council has yet to set the specific date and time. Copies of the budget proposal are available at City Hall for public viewing.



Budget: West Bountiful

General fund: $2,054,324


General fund: $1,385,609


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $211,350

Last year: $197,300

Sales tax: $706,000

Last year: $622,420

Franchise tax: $4,000

Last year: $3,291

Fines and forfeitures: $192,000

Last year: $144,350

Fund transfers: $619,957

Last year: $6,335

Where it goes:

Police: $140,313

Last year: $294,892

Court: $118,373

Last year: $91,750

Street maintenance and projects: $821,798

Last year: $388,005

Fire protection: $140,313

Last year: $137,971

Administration: $197,125

Last year: $173,678

Tax/fee increases: