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I had the misfortune of reading Dennis Lythgoe's article in the May 9 Deseret News. In the middle of various and sundry tasteless comments was a reference to a friend of mine, Geoffrey Roth, who recently conducted the Utah Symphony.

Mr. Roth bid for the opportunity to conduct the symphony at a fund-raising affair earlier in the year. Although he may never earn the title of "maestro," Mr. Roth did not deserve to be the subject of Mr. Lythgoe's mean-spirited comments about his conducting. I, as I am sure many in the audience did as well, envied the guts that it took for my friend to walk out on stage in front of a packed house, bow to the audience, ascend the podium, and raise his baton in front of the orchestra.He should be admired by the likes of Mr. Lythgoe, not humiliated in a public forum such as the Deseret News. Mr. Lythgoe owes Mr. Roth an apology.

Aharon D. Shulimson

Salt Lake City