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I am not a Republican, and I am not personally acquainted with a single member of the state Legislature. Yet, I make no apology for defending standards that are born of morality and which are faithfully sustained by common sense and wholesome commitment.

Having read Jason Price's "infamous" rebuke of the "special session," my first thought was: "His greatest need is to look searchingly in his mirror." When any of us become explosively critical, we usually present a dress rehearsal of some of our own weaknesses.Most regrettably, there is in our land of recent times an upsurge in loosely labeling legitimacy and propriety as "right-wing extremism" and to identify and discredit as "right-wing extremist" those who are making an effort to defend and promote integrity. May I offer a bit of insight? This approach and assault is most often sponsored by two other extremist groups that are very much alive and present today. These groups are the "left-wing extremist" and the "wrong-wing extremist." (They are not necessarily the same.) Many of those entangled in these groups are highly conditioned in the use of deceit and decoy.

These two extremist groups would have us immerse ourselves in the ocean of "massive insult to intelligence." They are addicted to calling good bad and bad good. They are adept at polluting the beautiful and meaningful word "diversity." It is being used all too often to conceal or justify permissiveness, perversions and an "anything-goes" indulgence. A number of predecessor nations have experimented with these hazardous materials and have reaped an inglorious demise. Can't we learn from their experience? The above is but the tip of the iceberg.

To Jason and Kent Price and others of like mind: Let's join in efforts to find and become part of the "right" wing. Can we make that contribution to a much-needed projection of integrity?

J. Orson Carter