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State licensing authorities have told a California doctor he must comply with restrictions placed on his California license or they will enforce suspension of his Utah licenses.

The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has reached an agreement with Edmund Chein of Beverly Hills, Calif. The division has stayed Chein's license suspension and will allow him to practice in Utah as long as he abides by a Medical Board of California decision.Last June, the California board reached an agreement with Chein that his license would be placed on probation for three years. Chein admitted to using false advertising and a fictitious name. He denied allegations that he was dishonest in presenting his qualifications. He also denied he knowingly made false statements about his professional practice.

The California board is requiring that Chein undergo psychiatric evaluations, enroll in a course on ethics and have his work supervised by another physician.

Chein received his California physician's and surgeon's license in 1992. He received licenses to practice medicine and to administer and prescribe controlled substances in Utah in 1991.

The division regulates and licenses more than 50 professions and occupations in Utah including physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, architects, engineers, contractors and cosmetologists. It oversees 117,000 individual licenses.

The following is a summary of investigations and actions taken by the division in the past two weeks:

- Janice Kay Burnett's license to practice as a registered nurse was revoked. Burnett pleaded guilty to attempted forgery in 1993.

- Kevin M. Dorgan voluntarily surrendered his registration to practice as a health-care assistant. Division investigators alleged Dorgan had engaged in unlawful or unprofessional conduct. He must wait a year before applying for a new registration.

- The division revoked Tonya K. Ercanbrack's registration to practice as a health-care assistant. Ercanbrack admitted that in 1990 she pled guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding, but failed to reveal those crimes on her application. She will be allowed to re-apply for her registration.

- The contractor's license issued to Richard Lobato Remodeling was revoked for failure to comply with a 1994 order issued by the division.