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Many young people today lack positive direction and involvement in uplifting activities. However, there are some very positive, helpful opportunities for youth in Utah - one of which has been around for over 50 years.

The Deseret News and Newspaper Agency Corp. provide young people like myself with a fabulous opportunity to become involved with a positive, income-producing activity, which allows us to get to know more people around our neighborhoods, learn business skills and provide a valuable service at the same time. For years, this opportunity was commonly known as being a "paper boy." However, many girls like me also fill the role of being a paper carrier today.I believe the Deseret News and the Newspaper Agency Corp. deserve to be recognized for their longstanding record of providing such a fine opportunity for young people across the state of Utah and for continuing to do their part in helping keep the youth of today's society going in a positive direction.

Rachael Dailey

Salt Lake City