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I applaud the state Legislature for trying to make homosexual clubs illegal. It is good that our Legislature stands up to those who wish to hide wrong as right. Homosexual activity is wrong and should never occur.

Some may say that it is natural, that there is a genetic link, but I say that there are genetic links to many things. In some people obesity is genetically linked; does this mean that people should accept their obesity as natural and live with it even though it may lessen the length and quality of their lives? No. it just means that those people watch their diets.Come to think of it, don't alcoholism, cancer and heart disease all have genetic links? I know that I have portrayed homosexuality as a disease, and it is: a disease of behavior. If one's sexual impulses are so strong that they overwhelm any intellectual or moral impulses to the contrary, than there is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed. After all, shouldn't reason reign over emotion?

Clinton King

West Jordan