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Women members of the House - including Rep. Enid Greene, R-Utah - are joining to try to pass separately new child support provisions that were in a welfare reform bill that was vetoed by President Clinton.

The new separate bill includes an amendment by Greene - which the House approved 433-0 - to make it easier for divorced parents to collect child support payments from ex-spouses who move out of state.It requires states to give "full faith and credit" to liens ordered by other states to collect past-due child support.

"No parent should be able to cross state lines to evade their financial obligations to the family they leave behind," Greene said.

"It is critical that we continue to do all we can to help children and families now, regardless of continuing negotiations on the larger issue of welfare reform," Greene added.

Other steps the bill would take include creating registries to track all support orders made by states; creating a registry of new state employees nationwide, which may aid finding dead-beat parents; and allowing revocation of driver's, professional and occupational licenses of dead-beat parents.