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Stop them before they publish again: This May, Morrow will publish "Shangri-La," a sequel to James Hilton's "Lost Horizon" by "the authors of the international bestsellers `Court of the Lion and Deception.' " The sequel tells the story of Hugh Conway - the guy Ronald Colman played in the movie - and Tibet during the Cultural Revolution. Presumably there will be a guest appearance by Chairman Mao.

This insanity began with "Scarlett," a ludicrous sequel to "Gone With the Wind," which was pumped up into a bestseller, then picked up steam with two competing sequels to "Pride and Prejudice," and has now descended to second-tier novels by second-tier writers ("Lost Horizon" would have been long forgotten if Frank Capra hadn't made his endearingly gassy movie version).Any day now, we can expect to see "Jonathan Livingston Seagull - The Early Years."

- Scott Eyman