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There's a striper fishing barricade around the Glen Canyon Dam.

Since the Oklahoma bombing, federal agencies have taken extra safety precautions to prevent terrorist acts. That's good, but this particular barricade is placed around some of the best striper fishing on Lake Powell and it will prevent anglers from getting close enough to the stripers."I think there's a way for both of us to accomplish our mission," says Wayne Gustaveson, fisheries biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

"They need security and we need to allow anglers in to harvest the fish. The most vulnerable portions of the dam are at the spillways which are cut into the rock. If we took these heavy aluminum barricades and placed them in front of the spillway mouths, that would protect those portions of the dam and open up the middle portion for fishing."

Large aluminum boxes are chained end to end across the face of the dam. When stripers begin their prespawn staging near the dam inlets, anglers would have a great chance to take on a boat load and help improve the resource by thinning the overall population.

It's estimated that anglers could take between 30 and 50 thousand stripers per week from March through May along the dam. That would go along way toward meeting management objectives.