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Hitting the hardwood this week, our horses stuffed inflation and are bullish on capturing the cage crown. Tournament favorite OTC is a power player, gaining $469 for first place and MVP honors. Blue Chip dyed his hair, butted heads, fouled out, talked to Oprah and ripped off his shirt for $290, keeping him in second. Lipper Mutual and Lipper International are third and fourth seeds, respectively, with physical play. Both are strong rebounders, haulilng down $353 and $28. Inconsistent Silver is seeded fifth after a $190 turnover. Defense is the key to the saver steeds' strategy. Money Market, EE Bonds and 90-day CD, in sixth seventh and eighth, heated up the transition game with steals of $9, $9 and $8, respectively. Gold and 30-year T-Bond both backed into the playoffs with records in the red. Gold has been shooting bricks from the charity stripe, dropping $65 to remain in ninth, but 30-year T-Bond, although still in 10th, gained $193 and hopes for a rally.