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Juab County commissioners received some good news Monday when they found they would no longer have to pay beer tax money, which has been spent in the Six County area for substance abuse treatment.

Farrel Marx, business manager for the program, said the county would no longer need to pay a portion of the money to Central Utah Mental Health for the program. "It is like our giving you a $9,000 present," said Marx, Russ Beck, assistant director of Central Utah Mental Health, and Brian Whipple, team leader for Juab and Sanpete, also attended the meeting.Beck said the agency covers the Six County area. "In Juab, a portion is given to us in Juab County. Now you can keep that money," said Beck. Merill Shaw, Juab County director of mental health and the substance abuse rehabilitation program, will still receive salary from the agency.

Nothing is being given up, said Beck. "We are just informing you that the money will be yours," he said.

Marx said the beer-tax money had to be used for substance abuse rehabilitation and law enforcement programs dealing with DUI.

"In other words," said Gordon Young, commission chairman, "you are giving us a bonus."