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Cottonwood Hospital-

ANDREW, Jacki and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

BOWLER, Kristi and Steven, Sandy, girl, April 30.

DITTMAR, Mary and Kirk, West Jordan, girl, April 30.

DOMGAARD, Tammi and Bryon, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

HEADMAN, Shelly and Dan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

INNIS, Laureen and Paul, Park City, girl, May 1.

JEPPESEN, Kathy and Jason, West Jordan, girl, April 30.

MERZ, Amy and David, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

PETERSON, Roslyn and Guy, Salt Lake City, girl, April 30.

SADDLER, Brenda and Steven, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

WILSON, Jennifer, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

LDS Hospital-

BASSETT, Karina and Eric, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

BERGESON, Amy and William, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

BLECKERT, Terre and Cary, Provo, girl, May 1.

BROWN, Julie and Jarvis, Sandy, boy, May 1.

CARLSON, Karolyn and Steven, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1.

EDWARDS, Maralyne and Lynn, North Salt Lake, boy, May 1.

KIRK, Jacinda and Brian, Bountiful, boy, May 1.

LAMBERT, Heidi and John, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1.

NIELSEN, Tara and Bart, Eden, Weber County, girl, May 1.

OXLEY, Marjorie and MORRIS, Clint, West Jordan, boy, May 1.

SIRSTINS, Debra and Brent, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

McKay-Dee Hospital Center-

SALAYONDIA, Olga and Perfecto, Ogden, twin boys, April 30.

ERICKSON, Annette and Todd, Ogden, boy, April 29.

GODDARD, Jaimee and Brody, Ogden, boy, April 30.

KUNZ, Vickie and Ryan, Layton, girl, April 30.

SOLIS, Angelica Maria, Sunset, girl, April 30.

Mountain View Hospital-

BINGHAM, Tawnie and Michael, Salem, twin boys, April 23.

BAKER, Billye and Darrel, Fillmore, girl, April 23.

BANUELOS, Shelly and Rudy, Provo, boy, April 23.

BIRCHETT, Kristi and Michael, Springville, girl, April 21.

BOWER, Marybeth and Kent, Springville, girl, April 23.

BROWN, Rita and Marlan, Spanish Fork, boy, April 22.

CARROLL, Melinda and Charles, Provo, girl, April 25.

CHAPMAN, Becky and Lance, Santaquin, girl, April 26.

DEUEL, Amimee and Shannon, Payson, girl, April 24.

ERIKSON, Shellie and Bill, Provo, boy, April 24.

ETHINGTON, Anja and James, Spanish Fork, boy, April 27.

EVANS, Judith and Jody, Provo, boy, April 27.

HAMMOND, Dristin and Glen, Provo, boy, April 21.

JEFFS, Cheri and Johnny, Payson, girl, April 23.

JENSEN, Emily and Michael, Spanish Fork, girl, April 24.

LARSEN, Marian and Edward, Mapleton, girl, April 22.

LEAVITT, Amanda and Shane, Provo, boy, April 25.

MACE, Stacy and Timothy, Springville, girl, April 22.

MALDONADO, Janine and Jamie, Orem, girl, April 23.

MATTINSON, Angela and Chris, Spanish Fork, girl, April 23.

NELSON, Kristin and Glen, Provo, boy, April 21.

NELSON, Sophia and Raymond, Provo, boy, April 21.

NOVELLA, Lelinneth and Nathaniel, Provo, girl, April 25.

OLSEN, Theresa and Gary, Spanish Fork, girl, March 27.

SCOTT, Elizabeth and Aaron, Provo, boy, April 25.

SMITH, Ronica and Shane, Nephi, boy, April 24.

TERVORT, Christine and Frank, Genola, boy, April 25.

TINGEY, Gloria and Kenneth, Salem, girl, April 24.

TUFF, Pamela and Brian, Springville, boy, April 26.

VACHER, Rachell and Brad, Salem, boy, April 26.

WILSON, Melissa and John, Payson, boy, April 21.

YORK, Staci and John, Orem, boy, April 25.

Orem Community Hospital-

ALLEN, Norine and Robert, Orem, boy, April 21.

CHASE, Rebecca and Kevin, Orem, girl, April 18.

CHESTNUT, Paige and Jason, Spanish Fork, girl, April 22.

CHRISMAN, Reva and BRYAN, Richard, Provo, boy, April 20.

COLLINS, Amy and Elliot, Provo, girl, April 16.

DONALDSON, Melisa and HEATON, Jeremy, Orem, girl, April 27.

FAUSETT, Anna and Ross, Orem, boy, April 23.

FERRIN, Armida, Orem, girl, April 15.

HARVEY, Rita and Kyle, Lehi, girl, April 25.

HATCH, Terri and James, Orem, boy, April 27.

JARRETT, Diane and WOOD, Joshua, Provo, boy, April 22.

JASPER, Nicole and Christopher, Provo, boy, April 18.

KLEINMAN, Julie and Lynn, Orem, boy, April 21.

KRENZER, Heather and Robison, Orem, boy, April 14.

KREYLING, Nancy and Daniel, Orem, boy, April 23.

MARSHALL, Cheryl and Matt, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27.

MINER, Melanie and Matthew, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 20.

NEWMAN, Cindy and John, Spanish Fork, girl, April 20.

PECK, Karen and Darren, Orem, girl, April 17.

PULLMAN, Hidi and GUSTAFSON, Chuck, Orem, boy, April 16.

SIMPSON, Sonja and Eric, Orem, girl, April 22.

ST. John, Cherie and Kari, Lehi, boy, April 24.

TORRES, Hilda, Provo, girl, April 19.

TURNER, Lisa and Walter, Provo, boy, April 19.

WHITTINGHAM, Terri and Brady, Lindon, girl, April 16.

University Hospital-

COLLINS, Jennifer, West Valley City, boy, May 1.

FALK, Maryann and Brett, Kearns, girl, May 1.

PORTER, Melinda and Allen, Orem, girl, May 1.

SALINAS, Starla and Ivan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 2.

STOOPS, Michelle, Salt Lake City, girl, May 1.

WHEELWRIGHT, Heidi and Timothy, Salt Lake City, boy, May 2.