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Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Walt Minnick has apologized to a Boise woman after joining in a practical joke in which he pulled a brassiere from her blouse.

Minnick was campaigning at a meeting of the Boise Southwest Rotary Club April 24 when he was asked to join in what was billed as a magic trick.He helped tug on one of two black handkerchiefs that had been pushed down the blouse of a female Rotarian. The woman, Donna Hiller, volunteered to put the handkerchiefs in her blouse, Rotary officials said.

What Hiller and the audience did not know was that a bra was attached to the handkerchiefs.

The instigator of the stunt, Rotary Club sergeant-at-arms Arlan Bergesen, picked Minnick to participate.

"Walt had no idea what he was getting into," said his campaign manager, Karen White. Minnick called Hiller to apologize.

"She explained to him that it was not a big deal, that it was part of a continuing joke and that she should apologize to Walt for putting him in that situation," White said.

Minnick is seeking to oust Republican U.S. Sen. Larry Craig this fall.

Rotary Club President Alan Giltzow said four of the club's members filed written complaints.