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Recently in the news, proponents of gay organizations have constantly accused those who oppose them of propagating hatred and bigotry. This has been most evident in the debate over gay clubs in schools. Obviously no one should teach or practice hatred or prejudice. However, holding to moral standards is different from hating individuals. Some practices are so detrimental to society that we must draw the line.

The strength of our society is strong families. Homosexuality and other sexually aberrant behaviors tear at the strength of families and therefore at the very fabric of society. Do we think that we have become so wise that we can dismiss centuries of experience in established social norms, throwing them out for our own purposes? It is arrogant to believe this.Even some religious organizations are supporting these practices. I have a hard time understanding how they can assume they know better than what is in the scriptures, which they profess to believe. The Bible clearly condemns these behaviors.

Advocates of gay clubs claim that we should allow all clubs in our schools. They assert that individuals should be allowed to meet together in support of their beliefs, whatever they are. There must be limits set to prevent illegal and destructive practices from being legitimized.

Our government representatives, school officials and religious leaders have a solemn obligation to uphold the moral standards that our society is founded on.

Robert R. Hicken

South Jordan