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I hope the American people will see through the lies and distortions being foisted upon us by the liberals in Congress and particularly by a president who recently vetoed a bill that would have outlawed the murdering of partially born babies. The partial-birth abortion that Clinton allows is so revolting and hideous it makes me nauseous.

How long are we going to stand for a liberal establishment that has brought us more citizens on welfare, more crime, more tolerance for criminals than for their victims, more illegitimate children, weaker families, higher taxes, more illegal immigration, more poverty, a weaker military and declining educational standards?In 1993, Clinton and the liberals in congress gave us the largest tax increase in history and now lie to the American public, warning that the budget proposed by the Republicans would cut welfare, the school lunch program, Medicare and Medicaid. There are no cuts in these programs in the Republican proposal. Clinton and the liberals also lie when they state that the Republicans want to raise taxes on the poor and middle class to give a tax break to the rich.

Utahns can help get rid of the Clintons and their liberal pals by voting for conservative Republicans who will continue to work for smaller government, lower taxes, local control and sane laws on such issues as abortion, illegal immigration, crime and welfare.

Harold Southwick