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An explosion blew out windows Monday morning at a building where a small FBI office is located. There were no reports of injuries and apparently no structural damage, authorities said.

"It appears at this point that the damage is minimal, superficial, to the outside of the building," FBI spokesman Greg Rodriguez told WOAI radio in San Antonio.The Walker Plaza Building houses a bank, title company and law offices as well as offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are on another side of the building from where the explosion originated.

"There is exactly no information that points to the direction that the FBI was the target," Rodriguez said. "But there are other businesses in that building."

Interim Fire Chief Mike Garza said the blast occurred about 6:50 a.m. and broke some windows on the first three floors of the five-story building. The source of the explosion was not yet known, except that it was not a natural gas explosion and apparently came from outside the building, he said.

"It was just windows. No structural damage is evident," Garza said. "It is a brick building, and apparently all the bricks are in place. The building is not more than 5 years old."

No one was inside the building at the time of the explosion. One person may have been treated at the scene, Garza said.