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Rocky Mountain Elementary School officials are glad their school finally has a name, and Alpine School Board members are happy they've been able to find a school name without controversy.

Last week, the board unanimously voted to name the new $6 million school at 199 S. 500 East, Lindon, Rocky Mountain Elementary. The school already has a principal, Bruce Farrer, and has already been turned over to the district. It is to open its doors for classes. But the school remained nameless much longer than any of the other schools under construction in the district, according to the principal."We can finally have some sense of identity with the new," said Farrer, who told board members that some parents had been calling it "the new Lindon school" or "the no-name school."

Farrer and members of a naming committee presented three recommendations to board members - Foothill, Thunderidge and Rocky Mountain. The latter two had been rejected by the board for a new Orem high school, which it eventually named Timpanogos. That $26 million school will also open at the start of the next school year.

The board rejected Rocky Mountain High because of its drug connotation. However, Rocky Mountain Elementary struck a chord with them, they said.

Lindon and northern Orem parents and students came up with more than 80 names for the school, ranging from the historic (Utah Centennial and Pioneer) to landmarks (Timpanogos and Lindon Hills) to odd (Top of the World and Igloo). Farrer and his students will decide on the school's mascot and colors.

Alpine district's naming policy requires the school board to appoint committees - including the new school principal and elected PTA officers from the new school attendance area - to begin the naming process. Those committees must conduct surveys of sample students, PTA members and other residents of the attendance area and then use the survey results to make recommendations to the school board, which has the final say.

District officials created the new process after the board fought with Highland and Alpine residents over the naming of Mountain Ridge Junior High in Highland. So far, it has been used to name three of the four new schools built with $73 million in school construction bonds - Legacy Elementary in American Fork, Timpanogos High and Rocky Mountain Elementary.

Board members aren't saying whether they expect another fight from those same parents over the name of a new $26 million high school under construction in Highland, but add that the new policy will be used in that process.