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LDS Hospital-

GAUMOND, Nora and Todd, Salt Lake City, twin boys, May 17.

BROWNLEE, Lucinda and Austin, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

DALE, Allison and Michael, Salt lake City, boy, May 19.

FLANDRO, Andrea and Micheal, Salt Lake City, boy, May 17.

HINOJO, Gladys and Inocente, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

JOFFS, Lorilyn and Ryan, West Jordan, girl, May 19.

KREUTZER, Lee and WARREN, David J., Salt Lake City, May 19, girl.

MAESTAS, Charlotte and Juan, Salt Lake City, girl. May 17.

MELVILLE, Yukie and David, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

PAGE, Jacqueline and Brent, Woods Cross, girl, May 17.

PARK, Katherine and Val, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

RASMUSSEN, Janette and Jay, Magna, boy, May 17.

REEDER, LeeAnn and Lonnie, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

ROBERTS, Lisa and Grant, Bountiful, girl, May 19.

SMITH, Jennifer and Anthony, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

STRANDGARD, Leslie and Donald, Salt Lake City, boy, May 17.

TURNER, Karen and Curtis, Sandy, boy, May 19.

VICKERS, Anita and Billy Jack, Centerville, boy, May 17.

VONGUTEN, Keli and John, West Jordan, girl, May 17.

WYATT, Paula, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

CHRISTENSEN, Carrie, and SKIBY, Todd, twin boys, May 12.

BELL, Michele and Nathan, South Ogden, girl, May 14.

BROXHAM, Thera, and FINN, Billy, Ogden, boy, May 14.

BURNHAM, Brenda and Brian, Ogden, boy, May 16.

BURT, Kristine and Todd, Riverdale, boy, May 12.

CLEMENT, Rushelle and Paul, Ogden, girl, May 10.

CURRIE, Wrochella, and SIMS, Rugus, Denver, Colo., boy, May 13.

DURFEE, Annette and George, Logan, boy, May 10.

GATHERCOLE, Jennifer and Joshua, Ogden, boy, May 10.

GEORGE, Crista and Lance, Harrisville, boy, May 14.

GREEN, Tiffany and Parnell, Layton, boy, May 16.

GROW, Glenna and Bruce, Kaysville, girl, May 15.

HANSEN, Kimberlee and Louis, Ogden, boy, May 15.

HENRIE, Violet and Chad, Pleasant View, boy, May 12.

HUGHES, JoAnn, and MARTINEZ, Richard, Clearfield, boy, May 14.

JOLLEY, Jane and Curtis, Centerville, boy, May 16.

JUDKINS, Kimberly and Daniel, Ogden, boy, May 14.

KERRIGAN, Theresa, and BOOMER, Thomas, Ogden, girl, May 14.

MADRIGAL, Lisa and Carlos, Ogden, boy, May 15.

MARTINEZ, Michelle and James, Clearfield, boy, May 13.

MICKEY, Truedy and Tomas, Riverdale, boy, May 11.

MONTANO, Gina and Anthony, Sunset, girl, May 16.

PRADO, Catalina and Jose Luis, Ogden, boy, May 13.

SPENCER, Laura and Mark, Ogden, girl, May 14.

STEVENSON, Rebecca and Matthew, Ogden, boy, May 15.

WATKINS, Lori and Blake, Roy, girl, May 13.

WILDE, Holly and Randy, Brigham City, girl, May 15.

WILSON, Michelle and Todd, Syracuse, boy, May 14.

WYANDT, Meredith, and BARKER, Ray, Riverdale, girl, May 11.

YOUNG, Jayme and Joseph, Sunset, girl, May 11.

ZISUMBO, Victoria and Daniel, Roy, girl, May 15.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BLACK, Sandi, and ANDERSON, Kirk, West Valley City, boy, May 14.

CHERRINGTON, Tammie and Jade, Murray, boy, May 14.

STAPLEY, Marie and Scott, West Valley City, girl, May 13.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BOWEN, Diane Elizabeth and Tracy Allen, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

CHAN, Vickie and Shuwai, Salt Lake City, boy, May 13.

CHRISTENSEN, Tristin Janeal and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, girl, May 15.

CLUFF, Susan Marie and David, Lake Point, Tooele County, boy, May 14.

CORNIA, Jodi Lynn and Timothy, West Valley, girl, May 18.

DUCHARME, Camille and Mark, Coalville, boy, May 16.

FARRIS, Joann and Michael, Draper, boy, May 15.

HANSON, Mia Jennifer and David, Salt Lake City, boy, May 13.

HE, Ying and JIANG, Ming Ming, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

HECKLI, Kattie and BIZEK, Travis, Magna, girl, May 15.

HODSON, Susan and Andy, Kearns, girl, May 17.

IMHOFF, Susan and Robert, Salt Lake City, twin girls, May 17.

JOHNSON, Jorjeane and Eric, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

LECHEMINANT, Georgeann and Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, May 16.

MAGALLANES, Dena Leann and Jose Manuel, Salt Lake City, boy, May 13.

MATHEWSON, Alison and John Ryan, West Valley City, girl, May 14.

McCAIG, Aee Ann and Luther, Orem, girl, May 12.

MITCHELL, Melanie and Sean, Sandy, girl, May 15.

MONTGOMERY, Gracie and Kent, Sandy, boy, May 19.

NEHRING, Heather and Daniel, Taylorsville, girl, May 18.

NOWERS, Lisa and Mark, Draper, girl, May 17.

PETTY, Karen Denise and Jerry, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

PINCOCK, Debra and Douglas, West Jordan, girl, May 19.

POURMIRZAIE, Brianne and TOMLINSON, Bradford, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

PRISON, Janet and Homer, South Jordan, boy, May 16.

PYPER, Tamara and Vint, Sandy, boy, May 15.

RALLISON, Paige and Mark M.D., Salt Lake City, boy, May 17.

REDMAN, Susan and James, West Jordan, girl, May 15.

ROBERTS, Crystal and David, West Valley City, girl, May 14.

ROTHE, Christina and Bart, Sandy, girl, May 16.

SCOTT, Christine and Nathan, West Valley, girl May 16.

SHARP, Cindy, Midvale, girl, May 18.

SHIVERS, Susan, West Jordan, boy, May 13.

SMITH, Robyn and Jason, Salt Lake City, boy, May 13.

STOCKDALE, Shannon Lynn and Charles, Salt Lake City, boy, May 14.

STOKER, Mercedes, and ABBOTT, Deron, Salt Lake City, girl, May 16.

TAYLOR, Patricia and Steven, Salt lake City, boy, May 17.

TRUESDELL, Regina and James, West Valley, girl, May 17.

VAIL, Julie and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, May 16.

WESTON, Kris and Christopher, Midvale, boy, May 13.

WHITE, Jennifer, and WYATT, William, Salt Lake City, girl, May 15.

University Birth Center-

LEATHAM, Rebecca and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BAILEY, Kathie and Scott, Spanish Fork, girl, May 12.

BJARNSON, Deborah and Jeffrey, Provo, boy, May 13.

BONS, Aimee and Stephen, Lindon, girl, May 14.

BREINHOLT, Dorothy and Keith, Orem, girl, May 13.

BRIMHALL, Tereas and Jaime, Provo, girl, May 13.

CAMPOS, Mary Lou and Richard, American Fork, girl, May 15.

CHRISTENSEN, Mindy and Kendall, American Fork, girl, May 15.

COOK, Jackie and Brent, Highland, girl, May 13.

COOK, Joy and Benjamin, Provo, boy, May 15.

DOWLING, Renay and Greg, Mapleton, boy, May 13.

DUNCAN, Cindy and Thomas, Spanish Fork, girl, May 14.

EDWARDS, Kathleen and Wade, Orem, boy, May 13.

ESPINO, Claudia and Jorge, Provo, girl, May 12.

EVANS, Laura and Bradley, Provo, boy, May 12.

EWELL, Lori and Jerry, Springville, boy, May 11.

FELT, Jennifer and Brian, Provo, girl, May 12.

HANKS, Wendy and Kerry, Ephraim, girl, May 15.

HANSEN, Tina and Michael, Provo, boy, May 13.

HATCH, Rhonda and Steven, American Fork, girl, May 12.

HERNANDEZ, Alexis and Jose, Orem, boy, May 14.

HINES, Julie and Gordon, Heber City, boy, May 13.

ISAACSON, Amy and Warren, Orem, boy, May 14.

JOHNSON, Alyce and Craig, Provo, boy, May 14.

JOHNSON, Wendy, and LISTON, Scott, Provo, girl, May 11.

KERR, Debbie and Robert, Orem, girl, May 14.

KNIGHTON, Tammy and Chad, Orem, boy, May 16.

KUESTER, Jennifer and Rick, Santaquin, girl, May 12.

LIDDLE, Melody and Stephen, Orem, boy, May 15.

LYONS, Christel and Lenny, Heber City, boy, May 12.

MILLER, Phyllis and Keven, Orem, girl, May 14.

MOSER, Brenda and Brad, Provo, boy, May 15.

OLSON, Emily, and FOSTER, Gabriel, Santaquin, girl, May 14.

SCRUGGS, Diane and Darren, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 16.

SMITH, Keri and Scott, Provo, boy, May 12.

SOMERVILLE, Kristen and John, Lehi, boy, May 12.

SOMMERS, Desirae and Daniel, Provo, girl, May 15.

WAKLEY, Tiffany and David, Provo, boy, May 14.

WALTERS, Sonya and Timothy, Lindon, boy, May 15.

WARNER, Serena and Mark, Provo, girl, May 14.

WILLIAMSON, June and Steven, Provo, girl, May 11.

YAPIAS, Marva and Tony, Provo, girl, May 13.

YOUNG, Debbie and Robert, Orem, girl, May 15.

ZINN, Tamara and James, Provo, girl, May 13.