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Bring your appetite and pre-race rah rahs to the Gallivan Utah Center on Friday, May 31, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., for the 3rd annual "Classic Pasta on the Plaza."

Located at 36 E. 200 South, the Gallivan Center will be filled with the aroma of primo pasta, gooey desserts, live music and competitive events.

"Classic Pasta on the Plaza" is held in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Classic, Utah's largest 10K-5K Run/Walk.

Baci Trattoria, DB Cooper's, Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta, Fuggles and Desert Edge Brewery at the Pub will feature pastas and desserts. Pasta entrees will be priced from $3 to $5, and desserts will range from $1 to $3.

This year's Plaza staff has added a Waiter/Waitress Race for additional excitement. Coupled with a Pasta Pig Out competition, the event is a must-attend.

Harry Lee & The Blues Ambassadors will provide groovy tunes from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Wally Cleaver and the Beavers perform from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

So kids, get in the groove and "carb out" the night before a big race, just like runners do.


Mustafa Habib, 23, was named "World's Fastest Pizza Maker" on May 6 at the International Domino's Pizza Convention in Las Vegas.

In the "closest competition in Domino's history," Mustafa made 17 pizzas in 3:28:32, edging out five-time winner Waheed Awsim by less than one second. Third-place winner Jarrod Ashley finished 1.5 seconds behind the champ.

Habib, originally from Af-ghanistan, arrived in the United States 12 years ago and has lived in the metro Washington, D.C., area ever since. At the age of 14, he began his career part-time at Domino's making pizzas. (Ironically, his high school friend/competitor Waheed Awsim introduced him to Dom-ino's.)

Last year, Pizza Guy Mustafa became manager of the Georgetown store. With his salary from Domino's, he was able to buy his family a house in Virginia. He currently lives there with his parents and one brother.

As the World's Fastest Pizza Maker, Mustafa won a $5,000 prize from Domino's.


Odd new product, kids. Jalapeno Vienna Sausages.

The Armour people say, "It bites back!"

They also tell us that Armour Star Viennas sell more than 1 billion "tasty" morsels every year . . . enough to circle the Earth.

WARNING TO CAREGIVERS: Do not use these particular hotsy totsy snacks as "quiet food" for fussy, church-going babies.