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Utah Valley State College's Elderhostel is offering hostelships, need-based scholarships, for a six-day course at Snowbird June 30-July 5.

The scholarships include food and lodging for five or six nights and more than 22 hours of instruction and course-related field trips.Participants will be responsible for travel costs to and from the resort and a $75 deposit. To qualify for a scholarship, participants must be at least 55 years old and fall into specified income brackets. Single people with an adjusted gross income of $12,000 or less and married persons with an adjusted gross income of $16,000 or less can qualify for the scholarships.

During the weeklong course, nature lovers will be able to discover and explore the pristine beauty of Utah's back country through lectures, hikes and Snowbird's popular tram ride to 11,000 feet. Students will also be able to take an in-depth look at historical accounts of mountain men, miners and settlers as they study the geology of the Wasatch Mountains.

Another highlight will be a course on modern values and ethical philosophy. Students will examine multiple perspectives of ethical questions as they debate a variety of issues facing the world, including universal health care, assisted suicide, sexual morality and population issues.

Program fee is $365. Those interested can register for program 44704-0630-1 through the national office by calling 1-617-426-8056. For more detailed information on hostelships, the Snowbird program and/or other programs, call Wendy Helms at 222-8010.