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More than 100 descendants of David Brinton, one of the first settlers of the Holladay area, commemorated the 118th anniversary of his death by placing plaques at Holladay Memorial Park.

Members of 400 families descended from Brinton were invited to the ceremony Friday night, which was organized as a centennial activity.Brinton, his wife, Harriet, and their infant sons arrived in the Salt Lake Valley Sept. 17, 1850. In June 1851, he built a home on the land where Cottonwood Mall now stands. In 1857, Brinton went on an LDS mission, and when he returned in June 1858, his son William had died. William was buried on the family farm, which later became Holladay Memorial Park.

"There were 14 burial sites that over time had become quite obscure, and with the help of the cemetery we were able to locate those grave sites and put plaques at each of them," said Marshall Brinton, a great-grandson.

David, Harriet, his three sons, two daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren are buried in the cemetery.