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The modus operandi of gay leaders has been to covertly change the perception of a gay lifestyle as "not a bad thing, but just a different thing." And now we also must tolerate the PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) organization. This group, just like the ACLU, appears noble in concept but misses the mark in attaining constructive direction and good common sense. I see news stories on television with a small handful of kids meeting with school board members to discuss gay clubs, and they are backed by hundreds of adults. It seems obvious who is actually pushing for this club.

The gays claim they want gay marriage legalized and they say it will hurt nobody. If you define marriage to encompass everything, it eventually becomes nothing. And if gay marriage affects no one, who do they think will subsidize them in our society, i.e. Social Security payments, insurance benefits, etc.D.A. Mangum

Salt Lake City