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Most new homeowners would be uneasy to have a dozen teenagers invade their back yard well-armed.

But Karen Faubus wasn't worried. In fact, she was thrilled to see a van full of Independence High School JROTC members pull up Monday to build a shed."It's unusual to see a group of young people working together this well," said Faubus. "This is exciting."

Faubus and husband Robert, who live at 850 W. 1400 North, have a new home, compliments of the Habitat for Humanity program and the Provo Fire Department.

Part of the package is a storage shed that Anderson Lumber provided at cost and that the 12-man JROTC team - armed with hammers, saws and other tools - volunteered to put up.

"This is more of a test run for us with Habitat for Humanity," said Jim Donnells, senior Army instructor for the Independence High School JROTC unit. "If we do well on this, we'll get the chance to do more."

The plan, said Donnells, was to construct the shed in a single morning, much like an old-fashioned barn-raising.

However, Donnells said, a backup day was "built in."

"I want the kids to concentrate more on getting it right than on getting done," he said.

Jeff Malloy, foreman of the student crew, said he had three teams coordinating the tasks involved in framing, roofing and finishing the 8x8-foot shed.

"Most have experience with construction," said Malloy. "Some more than others."

Steven Boyd, public affairs cadet for the JROTC, said the exercise is a good way for the students to provide service - something the unit and the high school try to extend to the community on a continuing basis.

Faubus said the home itself and the amenities that come with it, like the shed, are helping to improve the quality of her family life.

She said having the teenagers build the shed is just icing on the cake.

"We couldn't have done it. We wouldn't have known where to start."