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The Conference of Salt Lake Valley Mayors may not be an incorporated entity, but records show they have retained a lobbyist.

Former Utah House Speaker Craig Moody included the conference of mayors on his list of 35 organizations represented. The list comes from the records of the lieutenant governor's office.Conference president Randy Fitts, mayor of South Salt Lake, initially said Wednesday that the group doesn't have a lobbyist. Fitts added that the 3-year-old mayors association is mostly working to establish bylaws to give it "credibility" and form.

"We've hired him (Moody) but we haven't paid him yet. He's worked on some things for various cities and the things the conference has elected to go to. We're still in the negotiating stage with him," Fitts said.

Moody was unavailable for comment at press time. Fitts did say, however, that the conference of mayors paid Moody $1,000 last fall to help organize its growth summit in Riverton. Moody's main duties were securing legislators to attend and speak at the daylong summit, the precursor to Gov. Mike Leavitt's January growth summit.

The June meeting of the conference of mayors is still on, Fitts said.