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The big news in the 1996-97 proposed Clearfield city budget is a projected $453,000 increase in general sales tax revenues, meaning the city has some solid commercial growth for the first time this decade.

"I think we're through our difficult times," City Manager Jack Bippes said of the city's commercial strength. "Now we're growing like everybody else."Clearfield had a real downturn in business in the early 1990s, but Bippes said many new businesses have now located in the city, occupancy is up and sales have risen.

In fact, during one quarter of the current fiscal year, Clearfield had as much as a 60 percent sales tax increase over the same period the previous year.

Despite sales tax revenues rising from $1.7 million to $2.1 million, Bippes said the proposal is "no frills" - it will provide essential services but some requests will go unfunded, despite a 7.5 percent increase in the general fund.

The proposal contains no tax increases, but a fee increase of $1 a month in sewer bills - effective July 1 - is included. This is the result of the North Davis Sewer District increasing its monthly service bills to residential units from $4.80 to $5.80 to cover its plant expansion costs.

The City Council hasn't yet set a public hearing on approving the proposal, but that meeting will likely be held at one of its two monthly meetings in June.

The city's redevelopment fund shows a whopping 197 percent increase, but Bippes said that's mainly because of a loan from First National Bank of $408,000, which is included in the proposal.

The figures also include a 4 percent cost-of-living increase for city employees.

The largest capital improvement project planned for next year is an upgrade of Center Street from State Street to 500 East. Bippes said new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm drains and sewer and water lines are part of the $310,000 project.

Clearfield also plans to fund some new asphalt overlays this year, including one on 1000 East. Several new police vehicles will also be purchased.



Budget: Clearfield

General fund: $6,441,000


General fund: $6,145,000


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $1,280,000

Last year: $1,610,000

Sales tax: $2,151,000

Last year: $1,698,000

Franchise tax: $1,229,000

Last year: $1,390,000

Business licenses: $98,000

Last year: $127,000

Building permits: $96,000

Last year: $80,000

Fund transfers: $27,000

Last year: $267,000

Where it goes:

Police: $1,621,000

Last year: $1,631,000

Fire: $633,000

Last year: $563,000

Streets/highways: $483,000

Last year: $477,000

Parks/recreation: $1,041,000

Last year: $1,024,000

Tax/fee increases:

$1 a month increased sewer fee.