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Keith W. Martin, chief export officer for Martin Door Manufacturing, was named international person of the year Tuesday evening by the World Trade Association of Utah.

Also, during the group's annual meeting in Little America, Zero Enclosures, a North Salt Lake company manufacturing various types of containers, was named international company of the year. Jay R. Manwaring, president and general manager, accepted the award.Martin Door was started in 1936 by Keith Martin's father, Leno, and David Martin, his uncle, in Orange County, Calif. During World War II, the company moved to Orem and later Salt Lake City. In 1995 the company received an "E Award" from the U.S. Department of Commerce for its exporting.

It manufactures sectional steel doors for garages and other buildings.

Keith said 10 percent of the company's business is done in foreign countries with England, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia and China the company's best markets.

Martin is familiar with foreign countries, having lived in Tunisia, and filled a research fellowship at the University of Tunisia. He has traveled to many other countries in connection with his company's exports.

It was explained that Zero Enclosures manufactures deep-drawn aluminum cases and enclosures. The enclosures are used as electronic component housings while the industrial cases are used to transport valuable equipment. Known for their durability, Zero's products are exported to 35 foreign countries.