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A survey of 1,000 of the oldest baby boomers - those who have just turned 50 - finds that the boomers believe they are better educated and demand more out of life than their parents. But they confess that they are more self-centered, materialistic and not as family-oriented.

They contend that they are much younger and healthier at 50 than their parents were at the same age. "They were old at 50 and I'm not," is a typical response.The survey was conducted by the Del Webb Corp., a nationwide builder of retirement communities.

While their parents assumed they would accumulate most of their wealth before retiring, the boomers expect to continue working after quitting their first career at age 63.

Nearly 70 percent said they will continue to work part time, and many expect to do well enough to leave their children a substantial inheritance - while they do not expect to inherit much from their parents.

More than 90 percent of today's retirees prefer to remain in their regions, while 18 percent say they are planning to move to a different state.