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Mascot: Dons

Location: Spanish Fork


Date: May 21

Theme: "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." - Louis Lamour

Approximate number of graduates: 412

Valedictorians and student speakers: Jacquelyn Youd, Kendall C. Hulet. Class history by Samuel K. Swensen and Benjamin D. Cope, class officers.


Senior class officers: Jacquelyn Youd, president; Sam Swensen, secretary; Ben Cope, council; Brandon Hawkins, council; Doug Neilsen, council.

Student body officers: Joseph Lee, president; Tyler Keck, secretary; Alicia Peterson, vice president, dance; J.P. Nielsen, vice president, assemblies; Landon Tooke, vice president, publicity; Paul Frandsen, vice president, history.

Most memorable school event or activity for the Class of '96: Jell-O wrestling. "They dumped loads of Jell-O on a tarp outside and then we wrestled in it." About 20 students participated at a time, boys and girls alike. - Ben Cope.

"When we went on strike as freshmen because they split our lunch hour. It was our first taste of freedom." - Sam Swensen.

What local or national news event was discussed the most by the Class of '96: The gay club issue at East High. "I don't think you should have a club that's about your sexual preference." - Ben Cope. "A lot of people down here were upset about it. It was promoting an illegal activity." - Sam Swensen.

What fad, behavior or style will the children of the Class of '96 find funny about their parents? "I think they'll just find me funny. They'll just look and laugh." - Ben Cope.

"The way I look now." - Sam Swensen.