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A South Carolina man died Tuesday when a concrete crusher unexpectedly engaged at the former Signetics site.

Steven B. Ackers, 47, Columbia, S.C., was an employee of Columbia-based Hewitt-Robins/SECO, the company that owns the cement crusher, said Orem Police Lt. Mike Larsen. Larsen said Hewitt-Robins/SECO is a subcontractor in the demolition of the Signetics building, located at the corner of 1300 South and 800 East.Ackers and Harold I. Felgenhauer, 65, San Jose, Calif., reportedly entered the huge crushing machine to clean it and attempt to fix it after a malfunction. The two were design engineers for the machine, and Ackers had reportedly originally designed it.

Another employee was told to start the machine's engine while the two men were inside, Larsen said. When the man attempted to start the engine, the machine's crushing mechanism engaged and the men were trapped inside, Larsen said. Ackers was killed immediately, and Felgenhauer was transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo with leg injuries. He was listed in fair condition after surgery Tuesday afternoon.

Demolition work was suspended for the remainder of the day Tuesday after the 10:30 a.m. accident. The man who was told to start the engine believed the crushing mechanism would not engage, Larsen said.