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Cockroach-infested peanut butter, hot chocolate packets gnawed by mice and kitchens without running water were among the violations found in the first state inspections of 129 city school cafeterias.

Health Department reports made public Wednesday show some 4,700 violations found in city schools since inspections began last year. The city, which serves about 750,000 meals a day, has allowed the Board of Education to police itself in the past.Inspectors have found undercooked beef, food stored on floors and on shelves near toxic chemicals, kitchens without running water, mice droppings and dead roaches.

In one Queens school, food was prepared in an area contaminated with sewage. At a Brooklyn high school, one student said he stopped buying lunch after finding a greasy bolt inside a piece of fish. Another teenager said he had eaten a half-cooked hamburger that he called the "murder burger special." Other reports found chicken baked with human hair.

And 60 students at a Manhattan elementary school became seriously ill earlier this year after drinking pineapple juice.