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Some language in a brochure distributed to people who believe they have been discriminated against should include more information about their rights if their employer retaliates for them filing a complaint, some members of the Utah Anti-Discrimination Division Advisory Council are suggesting.

The brochure contains a statement regarding retaliation, but some council members believe it should be expanded and given more attention to those filing a complaint.Council member Robyn Kaelin promised to provide some language to Joe Gallegos, division director. Kaelin said the retaliation issue also should be more fully explained in a video that is shown to people considering filing a discrimination complaint.

Although a quorum wasn't present, the council spent most of its time discussing a legislative audit issued in February on the division that made several recommendations to streamline the discrimination intake and investigative process and reduce the time between when a complaint is filed and when a decision is made.

During the council's next meeting June 17 the audit will be the focus of attention once again.