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Mascot: Lion

Location: Provo


Date: May 23.

Theme: "Today's hopes, tomorrow's treasures."

Number of graduates: 31

Valedictorian: Cheri Johnson

Salutatorian: Rosa Meletiche


Senior class/student body officers: Alysa Woods and Jason Prothero, co-class presidents; Sarah Whiteley, vice-president; Rosa Meletiche, secretary.

Most memorable school event or activity for the Class of '96: The senior trip to Washington, D.C. The class earned funds to pay for the trip through a variety of service projects and spent seven days in the nation's capital, meeting Utah's government representatives and visiting sites important to the nation's history.

The most memorable thing about graduation exercises will probably be the singing of "Newsies, Seize the Day," according to the seniors. "We don't want to do that. It's stupid."

"We did a lot of essays because we talked a lot," said Cheri Johnson.

Local or national news event most discussed: Human rights and "we talked a lot about the election," said Sam Mahana. They did not talk much about the O.J. Simpson trial, the comet or the Jazz series. But "we talked about everything else," said Lonny Larsen.

Fad or style that will be remembered as funny by their children: Ear, nose and navel-piercing and baggy pants. "The way we talk maybe, the different slang words, like "How ya'll doin?" - Laura Jacob.

"They'll be listening to the same groovy stuff we do." - Lonny Larsen.