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The CBS TV movie "David's Mother" (Sunday, 8 p.m., CH. 2) won three Emmy Awards back in 1994 for outstanding actress in a miniseries or special (Kirstie Alley), outstanding supporting actor (Michael Goorjian) amd outstanding writing (Bob Randall).

It deserved them all. And, for my money, it should have won Emmys for directing and as outstanding made-for-TV movie, too.This is about as good as TV movies get. And alot better than most theatrical films.

Alley stars as the title character, a woman who has devoted her life to her retarded, autistic teenage son. It's a decision that she comes to realize has not only hurt herself, but her son as well.

It's an uncompromising but very funny look at a life that's been largely wasted. Unnecessarily. A life that's just begining to open up after years of self-imposed exile from the world.

It's great stuff.

If you missed "David's Mother" the first time around, don't miss it now. And if you saw it before, you'll love it again.