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Government action

Fruit Heights

In its May 21 meeting, the City Council:

- Granted final approval for Ellison Farms subdivision, phase five, 18 lots, located at approximately 400 North and west of U.S. 89.

- Approved the use of a private company to search for underground culinary water leaks in the Creek View subdivision, on Hidden Valley Drive, west of U.S. 89 and north of Cherry Hill. Some rusting on metals saddles may be causing some leaks.

- Tabled a policy decision on the chip and sealing of city roads, pending a future public hearing on the issue.

- Authorized the city manager to establish an Internet account for the city. However, the council declined to establish a city Web page on the Internet at this time.


At its May 21 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved the proposed 1996-97 budget. Set a tentative public hearing for final budget approval on June 18.

- Appointed Cherie Goodliffe as a new member of the city's library board.

- Tabled a discussion on Whisperwood subdivision but approved Lark Meadows subdivision, phase five.