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A former Utah State University student charged with stalking a former girlfriend between the Logan campus and the western reaches of Box Elder County has pleaded not guilty.

Mark Christopher Berrett, 20, entered pleas in Logan Justice Court to two counts of stalking, two of theft by deception, one count of attempted theft and one count of trespassing.Berrett also faces charges of stalking, possessing a concealed weapon and driving on a denied license in Box Elder County.

Berrett was cited April 14 by USU police for suspicion of stalking a 19-year-old student from Grouse Creek, then was arrested by campus police April 29 on a second count of stalking and trespassing.

On May 1 he was picked up by Box Elder sheriff's deputies east of Grouse Creek after a report that someone had appeared at the former girlfriend's house at 4:30 a.m. Deputies said they found a 12-inch knife in his car.