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In an attempt to reduce overcrowding, officials have restricted the number of watercraft allowed into Quail Creek State Park on holidays and weekends.

Last Saturday the park limited the lake to 70 watercraft at a time and allowed individual boat owners only every-other-day access."It certainly will improve boating conditions out here on the weekend," park manager Gary Pascoe said.

The restrictions are effective through Sept. 3.

Boats with odd-numbered bow numbers may launch only on odd-numbered days, with even-numbered boats launching on even days. In theory, that will reduce boat numbers by half, Pascoe said.

When 70 watercraft have entered the park, the gates shut and don't reopen until enough boats have left, Pascoe said.

Parking also will be banned on U-318 outside the gate.

To enforce the new guidelines, officials plan to close the park's gates at 10 p.m. each Friday, Saturday and holiday's eve.