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East Juab County's newest town could be Rocky Ridge, located just south of the Juab-Utah County border.

Nestled in the hills to the west of I-15, the small community has grown from a farming community which contained members of the Allred family and was first known locally as the Allred Ranch. It is in about the same place as an old railroad service community known as York.County Attorney David Leavitt said that several years ago, those living at Rocky Ridge wanted to incorporate as a community named York. However, the proposal didn't win acceptance at the time and members of the community dropped the proposition.

However, a new Utah law allows the formation of townships, and Monday, Juab County Commissioners received a petition for a township for the small community.

On the petition, A. Kent Allred certified he personally conducted an informal poll of the number of residents of the area proposed for the township. He concluded the number of residents was 210.

"The law is a fairly complicated one, and I need some time to study it before being certain whether the petitioners have met the requirements or not," said Leavitt.

The commission agreed to give Leavitt two weeks to review the law and make legal recommendations.