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Frustration led the members of Lustre to each other.

"The three of us weren't happy with what we were doing at the time," vocalist/guitarist Will Marley said during a phone call from Wichita, Kan. "We were in different bands and got fed up with the scene and got together for fun. That's when things started rolling for us. But it took a lot of work."Lustre - featuring Marley, bassist John Ray and drummer Greg Clayton - will bring its blend of power pop will open the Seven Mary Three concert at Saltair, Thursday, May 30, at 7:30 p.m. Poe will also play her brand of stylish romp.

The hard work led the band to a singing with A&M Records. And though the three-man band - formerly called Shiner - from Zebulon, N.C., can boast a big label debut, it's not about to let the reward slide.

"We are very lucky to be where we are," Marley said. "There are still a lot of bands with contracts that are sitting at home. One of our conditions with the signing was we'd keep working to get the music out. We are in a partnership with the label. They promised to publicize, and we promised to play."

While that seemed like an easy contract to fill, the band will be on the road until Christmas.

"The record deal isn't the end," Marley said. "It's the first step. There are a lot of people who think once a deal is signed they can sit back and let the success come to them. I don't believe that. You have to go get it."

But there are perks that come with the deal, Marley acknowledged.

"It was a battle getting out on the road before the album came out," confided Marley who cited Kiss, AC/DC, the Clash and Husker Du as a few of his many influences. "Now it's different, but the work is still hard. I'm not complaining, though. I approach music as my job. And like any other job, if you let it slip, you get fired. In my case, you lose your chances."

- SEVEN MARY THREE gets its name from John Baker's call number from the CHiPs TV show. The band however, is more into the brooding reality of life. Hits such as "Cumbersome" and paranoia of "Water's Edge" have put Seven Mary Three in the ears of the radio-listening public since it's big-label debut "American Standard" was released late last year.

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Ross, guitarist Jason Pollock, bassist Casey Daniel and drummer Giti Khalsa hail from Orlando, Fla., and has since graduated the club-tour circuit to amphitheatres and pavilions.

- POE, formerly known as Annie Danielewski, hit the big time with the contagious hits "Trigger Happy Jack" and "Angry Johnny" from her album "Hello." She introduced herself to Salt Lake audiences last January when she opened for Lenny Kravitz at Abravanel Hall.