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As you may visit the graves of family and friends this Memorial Day weekend, it will be well worth the effort to take some extra time and carefully observe the headstones of others in the cemetery too.

A recent visit to four cemeteries in north Davis County showed that these burial places may provide history lessons, provoke some soul searching, and yes, even offer some entertainment.Among the numerous headstones are a variety of clever sayings, inscriptions and drawings.

The only limitation seems to be with some of the aging 19th-Century headstones, where some inscriptions may be all or partly illegible.

Here's a sampling of headstones that caught my attention in the Clearfield, Syracuse, Farmington and Kaysville cemeteries:

- Clearfield cemetery: "Gone camping," (with mountain drawing) on Donald V. Sears' headstone; "First Lamanite Bishop," Moroni Timbimboo, 1888-1975; "Safe in the arms of Jesus, Our darling Andy N. Pacheco, 1965-1972;" DaWayne T. Richardson's headstone has a drawing of a Smith's Food truck on it.

- Syracuse Cemetery: "Remember all the love and memories we share," Richard Gorringe; "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me," Rhonda Scott Hansen, former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 1954-1991; "He budded on earth and is blooming in heaven," Randy Bell, 1986-1989.

- Farmington Cemetery: "William D. Mayfield, aged 76 years, five months and 25 days, Gone but not forgotten;" "It doesn't get any better than this," Dirke Glenn, 1943-1992, with drawing of deer and a mountain scene on the headstone; "To know her was to love her," Harriet Knowlton, 1870-1898; "His eyes beheld the beauty of creation," Thomas J. Trujillo, 1954-1988, with a camera and a tripod inscribed on the headstone; "We love you," Buffalo Donald Wilcox, 1943-1990, with a buffalo figure also carved on the monument.

- Kaysville Cemetery: "Governor of Utah," Henry H. Blood, 1833-1941, large headstone but no other information inscribed; Mary Harvey Phelps, 1904-1991, with a skier and the Salt Lake Temple both carved on the monument; "Our beloved husband, father, grandfather and leader of men," Sterling Welling Sill, 1903-1994, with the Salt Lake Temple and a leadership book engraved on the monument; "To her we trust a place is given among the Saints with Christ in Heaven," Emma Smith, 1838-1907.