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Since the unstable 1960s, the American people have been "playing with fire" by allowing themselves to be persuaded to feel ashamed - guilty - for their opposition to many radical movements that have deserved a much more harsh response than their initial disgust. And, given time, the radical "mind-trashers" easily have wrung tolerance and acceptance out of the resultant guilt complex. However, the real shame lies in the fact that Americans have permitted themselves to be blinded to the truth.

Dr. Charles W. Socarides, in his fine thesis, "How America Went Gay," declares that activists have implanted acceptance for the homosexual lifestyle into the public mind through the deliberate use of fraudulent conditioning. He states that the processes used in the hoodwinking of America are "desensitization, jamming and conversion."Desensitization is aimed at misleading public emotion: beguiling individuals into dropping their guard and believing that the abnormal sexual preference of gays is no more objectionable than the natural sexual inclination of heterosexuals. And, although no scientist has succeeded in proving that a genetic or biological cause lies at the root of homosexuality, through desensitization, many responsible individuals have allowed themselves to distrust their caution for their personal welfare; their concern for the establishment of morals, principles, and ethics in their children; and their desire for the public's well-being.

Jamming empowers the ever-present homosexual militant to repeatedly accuse the concerned citizen who stands tall and fights openly and stubbornly against the homosexual lifestyle - who persistently defends everything he knows is right - of being a bigot and a homophobe. Yet that same gay activist proves himself a fraud by obstinately denying the fact that his chosen corruptive lifestyle is destructive to everything that is good.

Finally, conversion results from an unceasing attack upon the values of honorable Americans. Even a small amount of initial shame is sufficient to permit the most sincere individuals to be channeled toward a guilt complex due to their opposition to gay behavior. Then, by continuing with a relentless propaganda barrage in the mass media, in the public schools and in higher education, the militant gays connive to have their way.

The American people must rejuvenate their strength and determination in the certainty that physical and intellectual security can come only from the public's acceptance of what is right based upon strong morals, principles and ethics that have been tested and tempered by time.

G.R. Grove