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Michael K. Stewart, a former Provo police officer who admitted to bank theft in the amount of more than $100, was sentenced to 24 months probation Thursday.

U.S. District Judge David Sam also ordered Stewart to perform 100 hours of community service in place of a fine. Stewart must also pay restitution in the amount of $1,613.48.Although Stewart is not a lawyer, he represented himself during the court proceedings.

Assistant U.S. attorney Matthew Howell said, "Mr. Stewart violated a position of trust, but to his credit he accepted responsibility and has worked to make things right. Given that, he received the lowest level of sentencing under the given guidelines."

Provo Police Lt. Greg Duval Duval said in a written statement, "The situation that resulted in Mike's leaving the department was unexpected. He did not exhibit any symptoms indicating personal problems. Mike was a valued employee."

Stewart took $400 in cash and caused about $1,000 in damage to dye packets at a First Security Bank ATM building on Feb. 19, Howell said.

Stewart had been dispatched that afternoon to investigate a burglary at the ATM machine. He found a 5-inch hole in the window of the building and unlocked door to the ATM's cash compartment.

As Stewart was carrying several dye packets disguised as bundles of money out the door, they exploded.