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How bizarre. Unerring faith in EG&G (the very company that brought you radioactive drift from the Nevada Test Sight) to operate a nerve gas incinerator within 20 miles of your home.

Unerring faith in incineration, too? Proven to release dioxins, polychlorinated dioxins and live agent (that means real mustard gas - it blisters your lungs so you cannot breathe and you die, and real nerve gas - you can guess how that kills you).Unerring faith that your state officials, your U.S. Army and your federal government really care if you develop liver and kidney damage, immune suppression, neurological and developmental impairment and reproductive dysfunction? Do you think they care if your child is born with birth defects? Historically, these agencies have not protected you and Americans suffer increasing illness from environmental toxins.

Gambling is indeed in the hearts of Utahns; people who allow themselves exposure to such toxic substances. Unfortunately, you never win in this kind of gamble - one child with a birth defect and we are all responsible. But, hey, this incinerator with 3,000 safety violations could explode and all of us within 40 miles of the incinerator die. Then we won't be around to feel guilty.

You can, however, protect yourself. Save time and lives now. And, yes, you can make a difference. Contact your government officials and tell them you refuse to be a statistic in a U.S. government experiment.

Kimberly R. Lewis

Salt Lake City