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Huntsman Corp. wants to double its polypropylene production capacity by the year 2000, according to Peter R. Huntsman, president and chief operating officer.

Currently producing 1.2 billion pounds of polypropylene at its plants in Texas, New Jersey and Michigan, Huntsman will add 925 million pounds of capacity by expanding and modernizing its production facilities."This is part of our overall plan to expand significantly our olefins and derivatives business," said Huntsman. Last month the company announced a joint venture with Enron to build an ethylene plant on the Gulf Coast.

Polypropylene is one of the world's most versatile and widely used polymers with applications in the automotive, textile, packaging and high-tech markets.

Tom Wood, senior vice president of Huntsman's polymer businesses, said the company will bring the new capacity online in increments by taking advantage of the unusual production capabilities at each of the company's production plants.

In 1997, the capacity will be increased by 240 million pounds followed in 1996 with 200 million more pounds, 260 million pounds in 1999 and 225 million pounds in 2000.

Huntsman said the additional production capacity will make Huntsman one of North America's largest and most technologically-diverse polypropylene manufacturers.