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An 18-year-old Oxbow Jail prisoner with a history of violence, currently serving a one-year sentence for attempted murder, was charged Wednesday for slugging a deputy sheriff in the face while another officer was trying to transport the man.

Steve M. Swena now faces a third-degree felony charge of assault by a prisoner for striking Salt Lake County deputy sheriff Troy Fenn at the Oxbow facility on April 14, according to charges filed in 3rd Circuit Court.Documents state Fenn was putting handcuffs on Swena to take him to a transfer cell when Swena "struck him with his fist in the face and then fell onto his hands and right arm."

Swena is serving time for shooting a 16-year-old girl in the chest last fall at a party in Magna. The girl survived the shooting. Swena was also convicted for the September trashing of a cell at the Decker Lake Youth Facility.

Last January, 3rd District Judge Robert K. Hilder sentenced Swena to one year in jail, after reducing the original felony attempted murder and damaging a jail charges to class A misdemeanors after the victim, fearing retaliation, fled the courthouse minutes before a preliminary hearing was to begin in November.