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Residents of the Park Lane Condominiums found a notice in their mailboxes Thursday that has Salt Lake County sheriff's investigators worried.

The homemade fliers say if black men "make eyes at a white girl" they'll be beaten. The fliers were distributed in the mailboxes of the condos, 3700 S. 700 East, Thursday afternoon.A member of the sheriff's mobile watch called deputies, prompting the office to do a number of things in hopes of avoiding a more serious problem.

"There's probably been no law broken," said sheriff's Sgt. Jim Potter. "But it's alarming, and we're certainly interested in doing something to investigate and find out who did this."

The flier has been forwarded to the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit detectives, some of whom have more expertise in dealing with racial hate groups. The flier and research material on white separatist and supremacist groups have also been given to the intelligence unit.

Potter said while the flier itself is disgusting and offensive, the alarming part is that it could be the beginning of more serious trouble.

Once the sheriff's office knows more about who produced and distributed the fliers, it'll know better why and how to train both officers and residents to deal with the person or group. The flier is signed "White Power - the only way."