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The Erie Tournament officals have cooked up a "Saturday Night Special."

They have scheduled the defending International Softball Congress World Champions - Toronto Gators - against the second place team - Larry H. Miller Toyota - at 7:30 p.m. (MDT), tonight.That's the world's No. 1 rated Gators against No. 2 ranked Miller Toyota (17-4).

The schedule makers are hoping it will also pit the two best hurlers in the game, Darren Zack, and Peter Meredith, against each other, too.

"There are two factors why that might not take place," said Miller Toyota coach Brad Burrup. "First, it depends on how Peter's foot has healed, and second, on whether we want them to get a look at Peter this early in the season.

"And the same can be said on whether they want us to get a good look at Zack, too."

Meredith's toe on his right foot was swollen, and he had to have the pressure relieved last Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Meredith couldn't get any velocity on the ball, because of the injury against the Smokers.

And it's a wait and see proposition with him.

"But," said Burrup, "I like the way that Dewey (Dwayne Dyck) has responded and stepped up with his pitching performances. He has really come through for us."

Dyck won both games he pitched against the Smokers last week.

Still, Miller Toyota has three games, one Friday night against the Toronto Aces and two games today, Midland Explorers (9 a.m. MDT), and Owen Sound of Ontario at 1 p.m. (MDT), before the Salt Lake team meets the Gators.

"This is a big-time tournament to see where we are against the better teams, which are entered," added Burrup. "We held our own against the Smokers last weekend, and they have really loaded up this year."