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( Century 21 All Pros in American Fork's page lists 9,000 homes for sale. It has many helpful links, including one to the multiple listing service on the Realty Information Network.

( Mario Giordani of Wardley Better Homes and Gardens "The Home Port" page.( A superb list of links to local and regional real estate offerings.

( Ivory Homes online catalogue of floor plans, building areas and new homes.

( Multiple Listing Service, with listings for 21 states and 36 cities. The page has a nice search feature to helping narrow your hunt.

( ERA Real Estate's electronic home shopping service with 40,000 listings from the United States, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, France, the Netherlands and South Africa.

( Rick Lawrence's listing for his home.

( A resource for Realtors, brokers and clients.

( Everything you need to calculate your salary, moving expenses, how large a mortgage you'll qualify for, financial resources, where to find relocation information, guidelines for first-time buyers and even help for apartment hunters. Unfortunately, it's light on Utah content, but there is still plenty of good information here to make it worth a look.

( The Guide to Real Estate on the Internet.

( Countrywide is the largest home mortgage company.