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More people make a living off of cancer than cancer kills each year. It is all too obvious that chemicals cause cancer. Chemicals today; cancer and chemo tomorrow. Is a weed-free lawn worth cancer? In England breast cancer soared in women who drank milk from cows that ate peticided and herbioded feed. You see, every time a chemical is passed though a link in the food chain its toxicity is multiplied by 10. Must the meat we eat be infected with growth hormone? Must our lawns be sprayed with chemicals that kill humans, birds, cats and dogs? Must our food be sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides? Chemical pesticides and herbicides that are banned for use in the United States are shipped outside the United States only to return in and on the food the U.S. imports.

A full one-third of the gas (another petrochemical) consumed by two-stroke water craft is actually left in the water. Let's say 50 water crafts are on Deer Creek Reservoir and 50 water crafts on Jordanelle, and each craft consumes three gallons of gas a day. Of the 300 gallons of gas used, 100 gallons of gas are churned into the water per day. Surely someone is drinking some of that somewhere. Jordanelle and Deer Creek are culinary water supplies. What is wrong with banning all two-stroke water-related engines? The four-stroke engines with their own radiators work just as well. No one is against fun, just a different delivery system.Eventually, the chemical extremists will exterminate themselves. Odd, in the last war, the U.S. military disabled more American men with its own chemical concoctions and injections than Saddam Hussein did. Yea, I can hear it now. "Agent Orange did not cause cancer." "Cigarettes don't cause cancer." "Weed killer doesn't cause cancer." "Cancer is caused from clean air, water and food."

David Johnson

American Fork